Most Common HOA Complaints and How to Deal with Them

Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) have been around for many years and are responsible for maintaining a pleasant and safe environment for everyone in the neighborhood. This blog will look at some of the common complaints HOAs receive and how to handle them.

Common Complaints HOAs Receive

Noisy Neighbors

HOAs usually receive a lot of complaints about noisy neighbors, whether it’s because of late-night parties, playing loud music, or creating a lot of commotion in general.


There are a few homeowners who might disregard the pet policies of their HOA. This includes improper disposal of pet waste, leaving their pets unleashed, and dogs that keep barking incessantly or some that show aggressive behaviors.

Property Maintenance

Homeowners need to maintain and preserve their property. Neighbors can complain to the HOA if there are:

  • Overflowing Trash Cans
  • Overdue Holiday Decorations
  • Offensive Flags or Signs
  • Unkempt Lawns and more


Homeowners need to be careful regarding the violation of boundary rules pertaining to the property. Disputes can occur if neighbors complain about encroachment upon their property in any way.


Many HOA communities have limited parking, and not all of them can accommodate parking for both homeowners and their guests. Arguments can usually occur when guests of a particular neighbor take up a lot of parking space.

Health Code Violations

Homeowners cannot violate health codes that include smoking in common areas, pest infestations, strong cooking odors or nasty smells, and other unsanitary conditions.

Illegal Activities

HOAs have to look after the safety and well-being of the entire community. Therefore, homeowners are always advised to file a complaint if they suspect their neighbors are engaging in any illegal activity.


How HOAs Can Deal with These Complaints

Levying Fines

One way to deal with complaints is to impose a fine against faulty homeowners. The HOA has to give written notice to the homeowner by certified mail, and sometimes the accused is given a reasonable period of time to correct the violation. The homeowner can also request a hearing before the board to debate their side of the issue.

Remedies by HOA

HOAs can also come forward and rectify the violations themselves on behalf of the homeowner.

For example, if a homeowner’s lawn is unkempt and they fail to follow the CC&Rs even after the HOA has sent a notice of the violation, the HOA can hire landscapers to fix the problem and bill the cost to the homeowner.

Legal Help

In some cases, an HOA can seek legal help from the judiciary. Courts can order homeowners to take certain actions required by the CC&Rs, failing which they can impose up to $200 per day in civil damages if a homeowner fails to follow the court’s order.


Texas law allows HOAs to file liens against homeowners if they have violated rules even after receiving written notice. This procedure is mainly common with unpaid assessments. Such liens are enforced by the HOA through a judicial foreclosure proceeding. This is different from a non-judicial foreclosure that involves mortgage defaults.


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