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Is a Homeowners’ Association Really That Important?

When it comes to whether or not a homeowners’ association is really that important, the short answer is yes.

2022’s Most Desired Rental Amenities

If your property doesn’t already have those amenities, you may want to consider going further than employing a basic property management company, and instead investing in improvements. With that being said, let’s look into some of the most desirable rental amenities of the year.

Finding the Perfect Rental for You

No matter why you’re seeking to rent rather than buy, you can still find the perfect home while renting. It’s just important that you know exactly what you’re looking for, and what your limitations may be.

The Role of A Homeowner Association Management Company

Around 22 to 24 percent of homeowners in the United States now put their home in the hands of an HOA. Read this article to learn why.

The Purpose of a Community Association

A community association gives its members the power to communicate effectively with property managers and homeowners associations.

Popular Cities to Move to: Austin

Austin, Texas is unlike anywhere else in the world. There is a reason why a common phrase among city residents is "keep Austin weird." Austin can be weird, but it's weird in the best kind of way. At the same time, Austin is not so strange that it's unwelcoming to...

How an Apartment Locating Service Can Help You Find the Perfect Home

There are apartment locating services that can help you find the perfect home while still tending to everyday commitments you have in life.

What Do Condo Association Management Companies Do?

Per the Foundation for Community Association Research, 22% to 24% of residents in the United States dwell in neighborhoods governed by housing and condominium cooperative associations. Condo residents tend to own their homes. Unlike most housing, they also are not...

Debunking 5 HOA Myths

Read below for more examples of myths about HOAs, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to become a member of one.

Mistakes HOA Boards Make On Community Association Management

74.5% of homes sold in 2018 were part of HOA communities. It is no wonder that 73.9 million American households live in HOAs, condominiums communities, or cooperatives that often have a community association management board to govern them. Election of board members...


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