There are a number of misconceptions regarding homeowner association management services. A lot of people get nervous about the idea of moving into a community managed by a homeowner association, simply because they might think that it’s restricting. While it’s true that there are typically aesthetic expectations for homes that exist within a community managed by an HOA, there is far more to this kind of system than maintaining a look.

In fact, houses within communities run by homeowner association management services often increase in value over the years. This makes them great investments for those looking for their own houses or rental homes that they offer to tenants. With that being said, let’s look into some of the benefits of buying a home within a homeowner association.

1. Amenities

There are so many benefits to joining a community run by homeowner association management. Yes, you do pay monthly dues to the HOA. However, those dues go towards improving the community and offering a number of exciting amenities that can really add to your overall experience as a homeowner. Some of these amenities may include a pool or a tennis court, or even perhaps a clubhouse. This gives you more to do within your neighborhood, and it keeps you from needing to pay additional money for a similar, more crowded alternative outside of your community.

With a recent Apartment Guide Survey indicating that about 60% of all property managers tapped pools and fitness centers as their tenants’ most desired amenities, HOAs find these types of amenities especially attractive. One of the reasons why they’re so motivated to provide these types of amenities is that they add to a neighborhood’s overall value. Therefore, the benefits are cyclical. While you’re paying your dues, those dues go towards adding exciting amenities, which in turn increase your home’s value.

2. Upkeep Assistance

It can be difficult to find good, trustworthy maintenance workers to help you maintain your home and property in general. Fortunately, homeowner association management services can help take care of this for you. It’s particularly common for an HOA to include lawn management among their services. That way, you don’t have to deal with this issue on your own, and you don’t even need to find a reliable company by yourself.

Even when HOAs don’t cover certain services, they can recommend quality workers. For that matter, they can steer you in the right direction regarding color palettes if you’re planning on repainting your home’s interior, or making interior design changes. The fact is that there are even more issues to consider as you become a homeowner, and an HOA can help make your decisions much simpler in the long term.

3. Dispute Settlement

It can be impossible to fully avoid conflicts with your neighbors. Think about how easy it is for previously amicable neighbors to get into arguments over barking dogs, or a tree that extends into another neighbor’s property. Figuring out how to resolve these conflicts can only make them grow more serious, to the point that resentment can build up.

Fortunately, an HOA simplifies this issue significantly. The HOA can act as a mediating party and resolve these conflicts before they get out of hand.

4. Community Engagement

Community engagement is a major benefit to consider when you move into a new neighborhood. We all like to be more at home in our individual communities, and being able to get to know your neighbors and really bond with them is part of that. HOAs often offer activities for neighbors to take part in together. Through these activities, you can get to know your neighbors and feel more at ease with them.

Referencing the issue of disputes, you should also keep in mind that the better you get along with your neighbors, the less likely it will be that the two of you get into conflict.

Although we often think of stabilized property values as the main reason why we should buy into communities managed by HOAs, that is hardly the only reason to consider this option. Think about everything you would get out of an HOA, and how much easier it could make your life.